Isabel Correia, 1974

Lives and works in Lisbon



Got a degree at ESAD das Caldas da Rainha 2000. Won a Scholarship from Erasmus Program in Contemporary Art at Nottingham Trent University 1999. Post Graduation in Perceptive Pedagogy of Movement at Universidade Moderna 2001. Training in Drawing at, Sociedade Nacional Belas Artes, International School of Art in Italy and St. Martins School in London. Training in Contemporary dance in C.E.M, Forum Dança and F.C.Gulbenkian in Lisbon and Butoh dance in Mamu Center, Germany; Body Weather Farm, Japan. Taught Sculpture and Art Management at Universidade de Évora in 2001-2003. Developed sculpture and performance art work, did exhibitions and performances between 1997-2002. Concluded the 4 year Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Retreat in 2003-2007. As a guest teacher, co-led art and meditation sessions at Universidade de Lisboa, Portuguese Buddhist Union, as well as other schools in 2008-2010. Was an assistant teacher at Educational Service in Museu do Oriente, 2008-2011. Delivered lectures on Art and Meditation in several places, 2008, Contemporary Drawing at Nextart in 2011 and Introduction to Buddhism and Buddhist Art at Museu Oriente in 2014. Since 2008 is a drawing teacher at Nextart. Currently, researches, teaches and works in the area of drawing.




Between 1997 – 2002 developed installations and performances in Portugal, Italy, U.K and Japan interacting in public areas, which hold the involving space as well as its cultural and social context as an inner element of the work itself, together with a reason for reflection upon the art work’s status.

In 2001 rises an interest for Buddhism, Eastern Art and meditation, which will lead the nature of the work towards a dematerialization, ephemerality and formal minimization, emphasizing the creative process itself, which reach its peak in 2003 in a four year Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Retreat. From 2008 on devotes herself to the research of the influence of meditation on art, in the perception process and visual creation. Starts a new developing work in drawing, approaches the landscape theme as a privileged field to investigate reality. Develops a body of work where she interrelates macro and micro hearth landscape with the cosmological universe, exploring phenomenological issues on the absence of substantiality of matter, time impermanency, indeterminacy of existence. These characteristics guide the content and the process of work. As a drawing teacher after 2008, has been deepening issues of perception and doing research on pedagogical methodologies which enhance recognition, access and integration of a sensitive and precise visual perception



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2014     PHENOMENA, Galeria Diferença, Lisbon

2000     Whole Hole, Reservatório da Patriarcal EPAL, Lisbon



2015     ‘Lines all ready there’, Bienal de Vila Nova de Cerveira, Vila Nova de Cerveira

2002     7 Contemplation Places, CENTA,  Vila Velha Rodão

             Performance Dust Wings, Hospital Júlio de Matos, Lisbon

             Performance Double(s), Galeria Sumo Preto, Lisbon

2001     Performance 121 ONETWOONE, Livraria Ler Devagar, Lisbon

             Soulstone, Centro Paulo VI, Fátima

             Blisters, Galeria Arte dos 300, Lisbon

             Performance ‘ZOOM’ of Sofia Neuparth, Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon

             Performance ‘Elements’, Companhia Atelier Beni, Azabu Die Pratze Theater, Tokyo - Japan

             Performance, Body Weather Farm – Butoh, Hakushu - Japan

2000     Scenography ‘Apocalipse 1,11’, Teatro Vertigem, Acarte, Fundação C.Gulbenkian, Lisbon

             Scenography ‘Reptils’, Grupo Gaxxx, Festival Sentidos Grátis, OPorto e Coimbra

             Installation Untitled, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Leiria

             Performance  121 ONETWONE, Caldas Late Night, Caldas da Rainha

             Video Travel, Galeria SAL, Caldas da Rainha

             ‘Enlightened’, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos – Jubileu, Lisbon

1999     Wallskin, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham - England

             Wallskin, Biblioteca da Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham - England

             Perfomance ‘Existenz’ Extensions’, Ruas de Nottingham com Tashi Iwaoka, Nottingham - England

             Dwelling, Green House do Castelo de Nottingham, Nottingham - England

1998     Untitled, Bienal da Marinha Grande, Marinha Grande

1997     Students Exhibition, Galeria ISA – International School of Art, Perugia –Italy



2015     Catalogue, XVIII Bienal de Cerveira 2015, p.   ; Vila Nova de Cerveira

2014     Maria Morais, ‘When silence lets itself be surprised’ (‘Quando o silêncio se deixa surpreender’),  for Solo  Exhibition in Galeria Diferença, Lisbon

2000     Luís Porfírio, ‘The unbearable support’ (‘O suporte insuportável’), for Solo Exhibition in  Reservatório da  Patriarcal – Water Museum, Lisbon



Museu da Água - EPAL

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