Aerial Maps Project: Lines All-Ready There


Aerial maps project: ‘Lines all ready there’ – is a set of print drawings taken from immense territories’ aerial images. The distance conveys to them an almost abstract, however real visual quality. In these territories we find a profusion of lines ‘already made’, lines drawn on the landscape. The work is based on an archaeological way of looking at things that reencounters and reveals the lines that ‘are already there’. In a process of synthesis and selection of the infinitely complex that reveals itself as we travel over it, force lines reveal themselves, lines that mark the landscape structure, marks that modulate the water, fire, and wind streams, traces that define geographical boundaries, stains that carve geological formations.

In a laborious engraving, infinite marks are traced which through accumulation or dissipation create tonal shades in a drawing exclusively made out of line.

The composition tracks natural movements of oceans and river trails, the mountains’ erosion modulations, the earth’s lava traces. The organic and inorganic growth of the city lines flow into and tear off the natural landscape. These are real territories' wanderings, unique images of one place, and tracings of almost real territories, combinations and collage of multiple places, conjunctions of new territories, reinventions of the world seen from the vast space-sky.




The nature of these engraved lines refers to something crudely real, they are traced lines not life drawn. The life drawn lines hold a space-time hiatus between the act of seeing and the act of registering.

There is a straightaway relationship with the present moment, the immediate, in the traced line space-time in contrast to the representative line drawn by sight which still preserves the present moment while the representative line draws us along into an expanded time universe. The observational life drawing has the diagrammatic capacity to navigate between the direct, immediate view of reality and the indirect, timeless view of representation meaning, interpretation or pure imagination.
The research of this project "Lines All-ready There" resides, actually, in the articulation of the line qualities, directly traced from an image, the representative line drawn in real time and the interpretative line of this same image made in an expanded time.



Isabel Correia




© 2014 Isabel Correia