One two one



The performer wears a double shirt with a neck extension. She moves slowly through public places, her head covered, her face almost unseen until she connects with someone; at that moment she offers the other shirt and invites the other person to relate in that specific situation. Inside the tube of tissue almost 1,5m long, the only thing one can see is the other person's face. Here the relation starts or ends depending on the guest‘s ability to confront with a direct look. The relationship evolves in silence through movements in the space or playing with the tube - the communication channel.

The relation finishes as spontaneously as it started. There is a moment when the guest undresses the shirt and the performer redresses it and returns to her slow wandering until the next relation comes up.



In the performance ONETWOONE the performer projects himself in the surrounding world, redefined each moment in the here and now gesture. The performer undresses his own space by offering the possibility of relationship with the other person. The direct look with the other (exterior) reflects so intensively our inner world that inevitably one dissolves in the other. The two individuals become mutually inhabitants of each other, becoming the other.

There is an un-human side on the performer, due to a face that doesn’t give itself to visibility, but leaves a residue of its existence in the fleeting relational moment. The experience of sharing this space together – channel of direct communication – is a metaphor of the subjectivity of the relationship with oneself, with the other and with the world, that manifests in the phenomena of inhabiting a body, which is ambiguously an inhabitant and a dwelling place.


E.S.A.D Caldas da Rainha 1999

Caldas Late Night 1999

Livraria Ler devagar – C.E.M 2000

121 - One two one


Skirt in leather, shirt in lycra with neck extension

Livraria Ler devagar

Rua Garret – Lisboa

Caldas Late Night - Caldas da Rainha

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