Dust Wings



The performance got inspired by the book “As fronteiras da evolução e da morte” (the borders of evolution and death’) by Pierre Weil.

The performance stages were organized around his ideas of stages of consciousness and energetic levels of inner reality: 1º Security and individual conservation; 2º Sensuality and conservation of the species; 3º Power; 4º Compassion; 5º Creativity; 6º Knowledge, intuition and reason; 7º Cosmic consciousness.



The actions are organized around the 7 stages of consciousness and energetic levels.

The performance starts in complete darkness, in a totally white room (floor, walls, ceiling). We are 2 performers on the floor curled up inside ourselves, motionless like stones. The lights are, initially, hidden in our womb unseen to the public. Little by little the bodies start to open in very slow movements; at the same time small rays of light appear till we are fully exposed. We start to acknowledge the nature of light (metaphor for being) and interact with them – this is the first moment of recognition of the individual.

The second is about the encounter with the other, we interact with each other and with the lights until we create a circle of light with our bodies. In the third, fourth, fifth moments there are different expressions of movement, writing and voice that mention Power, Compassion and Creativity. On the sixth moment we come out of the room and interact with the world as well as with the people at the event (60 years of Hospital Júlio de Matos). We come back inside for the seventh and last moment: the awakening of consciousness. In almost complete darkness we throw white pigment to the floor in the center of the room forming a circular surface with about 1,5m diameter, which is a base for an ephemeral drawing. In a moment of absolute silence we place the lamps over the pigment dust until the light completely disappears; next, we start tracing, with tilted lamps, furrows in the dust that leave traces of light. The light lines that each one creates are like an inverted reflection of the other, as if the mirror of the other. We finish the performance laying down the circle of lights (which were temporarily turned off during the drawing of light) over the dust furrows made by the lamps. This installation went on during the period of the exhibition.


Group Exhibition in Pavilion 21C

60 years of Hospital Júlio de Matos 2002


Dust Wings



Christmas lights covered in drakalon, white pigment, flour, lamps, chalk

Performance in collaboration with Miguel Carmo

Pavilhão C21 Hospital Júlio de Matos

Comemorações dos 60 anos do Hospital Júlio de Matos

© 2014 Isabel Correia